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A love for woodworking that has been handed down from generation to generation for over a hundred years. Piero was born and raised surrounded by wood.

His earliest memories are those of his grandfather carving and of him and his brother playing at guessing the scents of the various varieties.

Piero has memorised those scents to perfection and today carries on the family tradition, aware that to look to the future without fear, one must have solid roots in one’s past.

For the Foire de Saint-Ours, in fact, Piero presents three chairs that summarise the philosophy of his business: an antique chair, a chair that can be disassembled in order to show the wood interlocking techniques that did not include metal as it was impossible to find and the third chair that represents the past translated into the future so as not to forget its traditions.

The Foire de Saint-Ours has opened many doors to Pietro’s ancestors and to himself thanks to his ability to evolve while remaining faithful to tradition.

The Mussati furniture factory was founded in 1874 by Antonio Musatti and the business was handed down to Piero and his brother who represent the fourth generation of carpenters.

 “Se no cognésèn pa bièn noutre rèise no pousèn pa afronté lo demàn” 

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MUSSATTI FRANCO di Mussatti Piero e Valter s.n.c.
Via E. Chanoux, 98, Pont-Saint-Martin, AO, Italia
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0125807176
Cell phone: 3333408820


Bathroom furniture on the floor

Bed head structure furniture

Bed headboard

Breakfast room furniture

Chairs table furniture

Furniture headboard bed shelf

Furniture room breakfast detail

Sink top

Wardrobe detail room furniture


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