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Shops selling traditional Valdostan handicraft

Some are in dramatic places like mountain peaks or at the heart of a fortress harking back to the Napoleonic era; others sell tradition while simultaneously representing it, given that they have been open for some eighty years. What are they? Shops selling traditional Valdostan handicraft!

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La Saint Ours
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Not only food is DOC certified!

When speaking about products that are certified to guarantee the origin of their raw materials, then food and wine immediately spring to mind. Perhaps you’ll be surprised to learn that there is also certification for DOC traditional Valdostan handicraft: this consists in a seal bearing the initials IVAT (Institut Valdotain de l’Artisanat de Tradition) and attests the item’s authenticity.

All certified products are available at official IVAT “L’Artisanà” boutiques and sales points.

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but not overly

In your mind’s eye, a shop selling local handicraft is old and dusty, full of knack-knacks that would blend in well in your grandma’s lounge. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Packed with charm and good taste and emanating their own elegance, Artisanà sales points reflect the innovative and cosmopolitan side of audacious handicraft, keen to leave the shops and convey its authenticity into the world.