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Traditional valdostan

It is in traditional handicraft that the pure essence of a territory and its residents hides.

Aosta Valley is not an exception but a teacher: manual art, the ability to transform living matter, has been the mainstay of life for mountain people for thousands of years.

La Saint Ours
Atelier des Métiers
Atelier des métiers - Artigiani in piazza

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Atelier des métiers - Artisans

1000 years
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Foire d’été

July 2022

Two weekends dedicated to traditional craftsmanship and typical products of the Aosta Valley with entertainment and initiatives in 6 locations to discover the traditions and flavors of the area …


July 2022

The hammer striking the anvil, the chisel furrowing wood, the loom weaving vigorously: a competition of talent and deftness, artisans challenge one another to a duel, ready to conquer place of honour in the Valdostan savoir-faire …

des métiers

august 2022

There’s one in every city – that bygone shop where everything seems frozen in time, where you can smell the fragrance of the past, hear endearing creakings from the olden days. It’s in places like this that passion turns into a vocation. And vice-versa …

How the objects
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are born?

The floor to the artisans

La Saint Ours

More than a thousand craftsmen

As children, some of them carved pieces of wood for fun while grazing cattle. Others learnt from family members, or at school. Some have even found love while showing their work at exhibitions…

The exhibitions of traditional craftsmanship

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The museums
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Traditional handicraft

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