The handicraft

A smithy of ideas, trades and passions

The place where craftsmen took refuge every day was special: the corner of an old storeroom full of dirty shavings and chips soon evolved into a workshop. There, among chisels and varieties of wood, amazing creations took shape…

Artisans - La Saint Ours
La Saint Ours
The handicraft world - La Saint Ours

The cradle of imagination

If you really want to know who a craftman is then you must visit his workshop: take a good look at his tools, touch his materials, study his sketches hanging on the walls. It’s in the workshop that genuine exertion fills the air, where hard-working passion resonates.

Whether it be plunged in silence or enveloped in music, perfectly tidy or a total mess, each craftsman has his own personal niche in the world for transforming nature into an immortal fragment.

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The handicraft world - La Saint Ours
The handicraft world - La Saint Ours

What do you need?

Wood, stone, natural fibres, iron: traditional craft materials are those found among grazing livestock, mossy woodlands and entombed mines. There are, however, others that come from afar, sparking inspiration: so, here you are, the mountains fill with ceramic and glass, gold and silver, copper and clay…

Tooled up craftsmen

For a craftsman nothing is more important than his tools: chisels, files, hammers, anvils, looms… each has a dialect name, each one a story to tell.

Often they are difficult to find but even more difficult to handle, yet each one adapts to its owner’s physicality until growing into an extension of his soul.