Wanted – aspiring craftworkers

We have only one way of safeguarding thousands of years of knowledge: we must hand it down from generation to generation, parent to child, grandparent to grandchild. But when there’s no craftworker in the family, then what happens?

La Saint-Ours
La Saint Ours
School Workshop - La Saint Ours

The School Workshop

No book or video tutorial can replace an elderly master who bears within him such knowledge that goes beyond speech, but emerges on his fingertips, how he grips tools, how he reacts to a tricky move.

An intangible baggage of knowhow that can only be seized inside a true workshop, surrounded by tools of the trade. That’s why Aosta Valley Administrative Offices regularly organize training courses taught by qualified craftsmen who are ready to wean the new custodian generations of tradition.


Berlier Dario – sculpture
Yon Sebastiano – sculpture
Regazzoni Luciano – sculpture
Savin Mauro – wrought iron work
Malavolti Anna Maria – leather and hide workmanship
Cretaz Ornella – sculpture
Allione Simone – sculpture
Villegas Castioglioni Aldo Andres – leather and hide workmanship
Tousco Luciano – mobile


Ufficio regionale di riferimento

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