Unmatched creations

Handmade pieces resemble a person: multi-faceted, unique and inimitable.

That’s why you’ll never find two identical pieces: each one is the fruit of exclusive workmanship, a set of actions and movements that will never be repeated.

Artisans - La Saint Ours
La Saint Ours
Unique pieces - La Saint Ours

Art is in everything.
And in all houses.

The step between a piece of handicraft and a work of art is short. All that’s needed is a touch of colour, a daring finishing and a traditional object turns into something evocative, surreal, engaging.

Aesthetic value replaces usefulness: hence, the objects find their rightful place on a shelf, table or bookshelf, creating an atmosphere charged with colour, charm and mystery…

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…each work is a small masterpiece

Unique pieces - La Saint Ours
Unique pieces - La Saint Ours

The essential is
invisible to the eye

It takes months to produce a work of handicraft. Every chisel blow, every lathe rotation, every interlacing movement demands patience, precision and attention to detail. Therefore, an object’s value doesn’t stem from the creative process alone but also from the story lying behind the chosen material: it may be a tree struck by lightning, a piece of wood aged for half a century, the abandoned ruins of a house or mine…

Why does it cost
so much?

One of the most common objection artisans face is the high cost of their work.

As if knowledge handed down over the centuries and years of arduous practice were worthless.

As if a unique object, of which only one copy exists and will ever exist, were not priceless…